Get to know magician Dragan

Magician Dragan is also magic trick innovator and creator. Like classic magic and enjoying when performing. He like interact with audience and on every show people from audience coming on stage and participate in many tricks. Also on every show you can see many new and original magic tricks. If you like custom show, that cost little more but that's for remembering, especially for child birthday show. I can make your child also doing magic tricks (Self working tricks with no practice) and make birthday present, or some birthday presents appear on magical way. (your child doing that tricks and make present appear. That's something what children remembering. Usually for custom show you need order show minimum two weeks earlier. I have also many options for corporate shows. If you are interested in order magic show please fill short form on contact page with short description what kind of show you are interested, date and time, and don't forget your phone number.